Norberto Santiago

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, I am a tech professional with over a decade of experience in different positions. From working on small networks to monitoring an entire Business Intelligence system for an aerospace corporation, delivering exceptional service has been my passion throughout my entire career. Back in late 2019, while living in the small town of Soldotna, Alaska, I decided what the next step career would be. That decision would be enrolling in a coding Bootcamp and becoming a Software Engineer. Not only would I support current tech solutions, but I'd also help shape the future alongside like-minded professionals.

I am a Bilingual Full Stack Software Engineer

Here's what I can do as Software Engineer:

Backend Developer

Experience designing a backend with Ruby on Rails and Springboot with MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB database. My past journey in Business Intelligence helps me identify the customer's data management needs.

Frontend Developer

Experienced JavaScript developer with both Vanilla JS and React projects. Additional experience with state management library, Redux. Ability to quicly learn different frameworks, debug issues and improve codes.

Web Design

From my portfolio consisting of minimalistic designs to colorful mini projects. Well experienced in HTML and CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS and Material UI. Creating a website or app is an art form.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

-Alan Kay

My Skills

Frontend Skills





Bootstrap, TailwindCSS, MAterial UI

Backend Skills

Ruby on Rails

Java Springboot

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB


My portfolio consists of all five Flatiron School projects. Each one designed with my other passions in mind and coded with ❤️ and resilliance to bugs. All cover pictures has been created by me using Photoshop.

Let's Keep In Touch!

Thank you for visiting my profile. If you would like to contact me, please click on the email button below. Also refer to my resume by clicking on the resume button. You can also support me on Kofi, a small cup of coffee will keep me awake and coding.